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Real Fruit, Real Candy

We set out to make a texture rich gummy that melts in your mouth (not in your car) is easy to dose, free of all 8 major allergens, friendly for vegans, and packed with nature’s best remedies.

Spoiler alert: we did it.

Our secret recipe starts with real fruit juice and incorporates culinary techniques from the world over!

Cannabis Capsules for All

Using only the highest quality extracts, The Bomb are expertly dosed capsules and fastest way to get your medicine without all the sugar and calories found in most edibles.

With out culinary prowess, you can be assures these caps will be great on their own or added to any meal of your choice.


aka Hash Caps.

Portable and Potent, there has never been an easier way to tailor dose your edibles at home or take a large dose without having to eat a brownie as big as your head.

Flavorless and east to swallow, each cap is made exclusively with Leaf Logic‘s Full live rosin. Expect a speedy onset of entourage effects as the pairing of MCT oil and Full Spectrum cannabis oil rise to the occasion.


Pure and Simple

Deep amber in color, this fully concentrated Oil is made from solventless bubble hash and gently extracted with pure ethanol and activated with time.

All of the cannabinoids, terpenes, esters, waxes, and lipids of Oklahoma’s finest trichomes at your fingertips brought to you by Leaf Logic!


Big Flavor : Micro Dose

These classically styled mints and tarts are a perfect match for low dose cannabis patients. Each package comes with 40 grams of candy, at 2.5 mg per gram.

Little bits and pieces for those who prefer a small dose at a time, The THC is microencapsulated and water soluble, so onset is in minutes, not hours!


Family Favorites with a Twist

Keep everything in moderation, including moderation! Our twist on classic treats will bring out the kid in anyone.

Made with real butter, and intnetionally sourced ingredients, you will find out these might just be the best you’ve ever had!

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Where Can I purchase?

We are filling up dispensary shelves in Oklahoma. Store locator coming soon! 

What does vegan mean?

Vegan means that the product is free of all animals and their bi-products, while Vegetarian means a product is free of animal products. Traditional gummies use gelatin to create their texture which is extracted from the bones and ligaments of animals. Our gels are extracted from fruits and vegetables.

Can you sell me some STUFF?

While federal law still prohibits the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis, we will only be available in states with established permits and available at dispensaries.

Register here.

Can I get a job?

We love to meet new and amazing people. Fill out the pre application.

When will you be available Here?

We are expanding organically and refuse to compromise our values, even at the risk of slower growth. If you want us to come to your neighborhood, drop us a line.

how do I get your edibles in my store?

Drop us a line at  and we will connect with you.

To get you going faster, Register here right now.

When do your edibles expire?

If stored in an airtight, light tight container, our edibles will last at least one year. Potency is not guarteed if exposed to water or open air for extended periods.


Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

For accidental ingestion call 1-800-222-1222.



Oklahoma Licence Info:
Elephant Treehouse, LLC.
OBDNN: 72261 


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